Why Us?

In November, Jo and her daughter Deanna excitedly took over Home For Hounds.

Since 2014, Jo has run a pet sitting and dog walking business within the city of Exeter and brought Deanna in to help manage the increased demand in 2018. In looking for opportunities to grow and expand, they came across Home For Hounds. So they took the chance to provide a daycare for dogs that matched their existing standards, allowing them to offer full packages of care to all animals.

High standards, always

Fully Licensed and Insured, we are proud of our extremely high standards and passionate about the work we do.

What makes us unique is our authentic love of dogs, our desire to understand each and every dogs need in our care, and provide a bespoke service based upon them. All of our team has a genuine love for animals and to us, each of your dogs is important and part of the family.

Each and every day, when with us the dogs are taken out for walks with their best friends. They spend hours chasing their tails, exploring each and every puddle possible and just having a wonderful time. Don’t just take our word for it, the pictures speak for themselves!

Jo has had pets and dogs all of her life. She was born and raised in Devon, exploring the walks on the moors or beaches with her four legged friends for years.  Her love for dogs stretches across all breeds, having had everything from Boxers and Labradors to Spaniels. As well as dogs of all ages, she’s also adopted and worked closely with many rescues. Currently she has two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, George and Gwen, who often come down to the day care to say hello.

As with Jo, Deanna too has been around dogs from the moment she was born. As a family, Sunday walks with our Labrador Desmond and Collie Harry were a weekly occurrence. Introduced to dogs from such a young age, she has always loved to play and look after them. Deanna too has three King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Bilbo, Buffy and Banner. 

Identifying needs

Knowing how important all of their dogs have always been to them, both Jo and Deanna want to ensure that every companion entrusted to us, is looked after and loved with the absolute best care possible.

Jo is always looking at expanding her experiences and knowledge and is up for challenges if it involves improving the welfare and care of not just her dogs-but all the dogs in her care.

Taking on the day care was always a goal both Jo and Deanna aspired too, and both are incredibly excited to have Home for Hounds. Together they are looking at ways of improving and providing the best care and experience for your dogs- the ultimate dog day care they possibly can.

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