Dog Daycare Policies

All dogs must have an assessment to ensure they will be suited to and happy in this environment. Homes for Hounds reserve the right to refuse or reject any dog that might be a hazard to itself or to other dogs in our care. This includes dogs who are aggressive, antisocial, toy or people possessive, anxious or physically ill.

All male dogs over 12 months must be neutered.

All dogs must have current vaccinations (DHPPI). Your dog will not be admitted to Home for Hounds until we have seen proof.

All dogs are required to have flea protection and be on veterinarian approved form of topical flea control. Any dog that has fleas will not be accepted into Home for Hounds.

Home for Hounds will not be held liable for any injury, illness or death to your dog or as a result of them – this responsibilty will fall to the owner/owner of the offending dog.


Please be mindful when parking and make pick ups/drop offs short and sweet. The parking spaces are allocated to all of the businesses in the Space Place and we need to be considerate.

Collars and Leads

All dogs must be wearing a collar/harness with a nametag and be on a leash when entering and leaving Home for Hounds.

Daily meals

We are happy to feed your dog if required. Please advise on arrival, supply food and the times of feeding required.

Toys and beds

We prefer you to leave your dogs toys and bedding at home as they may become possessive of their personal belongings.

Payment. To be made at the time of booking please, or on arrival. Acceptable forms of payment are through BACS payable to Jo or cash on arrival. We require a minimum of 24 hrs notice to cancel a booking, failure to cancel will incur payment in full.

Late Fees

We will give 15 minutes grace after collection time, however after that there will be a £2.50 fee for every 5 minutes late after that – if frequent late picks occur the grace time will be waived and late fees will start from 6pm. If a regular occurance, the grace time will be waived and late fees will start from 6pm

By signing this policy, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms at Home for Hounds.


All dogs need to be booked into the daycare, with ideally 48 hrs notice in order to plan our daily outings.

We will try to oblige short notice, however we will never exceed the maximum of 12 dogs a walk to ensure our guests get the very best care.

Preference will be given to regular customers, minimum visit once a week. This is so our dogs know and befriend each other ensuring a happy social environment for all.

Dogs required to be picked up/dropped off for day care and walking will be charged a small fee, depending on location, per journey to cover the cost of care and transportation. This will need to be booked in, as per daycare.