Grooming Room

At Home for Hounds we believe regular grooming is essential in maintaining your companions healthy coat, keeping them comfortable and feeling their best all year round.


On arrival your companion will be welcomed into our homely Groom Room and receive caring, individual attention from Auntie Wendy, our lovely groomer!

Wendy has been grooming her own dogs for 20+ years, before doing the qualification to make it official. She has been with us since we took over the daycare, and puts extra love, care and attention into each groom. 


A tailored, individual service

Our Groom Room pricing at Home for Hounds is based on breed, hair length and the groom history of your pooch and is done by our in-house groomer Wendy The Dog-Groomer


How often your companion is groomed depends upon many factors including their breed, home grooming routine, coat length, general health and how dirty they get! Certain breeds can need more frequent grooming than others. Check out our grooming schedule for more details!

For more information, some advice or to make a booking please email us, or call Deanna on 07387 289109.

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