Doggy Daycare

Your dog is able to walk, rest and play in a social, safe and supervised environment.

Our Meet and Greet policy ensures that your dog’s first encounter with other regulars at Home for Hounds happens on neutral territory, ideally on a walk.

Our veterinary approved dog day care centre provides a homely laid-back, social environment where your canine companion is treated like one of the family. We never overcrowd, preferring to give your pet a safe, secure, healthy environment enjoying all the love and attention they receive with you.

We work with you and your dog, putting individual care plans in place to ensure that your dogs time with us is the best it can be.

Puppy Daycare

Our puppy days are specifically planned around the pups. They go for a short walk in the morning, playing with other pups of a similar size – from both our daycare centre and our dog walking service – ensuring they have plenty of opportunity to socialize and work on social skills. We also help work on recall, lead walking etc.


Back in the unit they have plenty of space to play, sleep etc. with plenty of love and interaction from staff. We will then introduce them to some of the older dogs, to again aid their socialization.

We ensure that each dog, whether puppy or adult is able to do whatever they choose. We encourage them to make their own decisions – whether that’s going to sleep, playing or just having a cuddle.










You can book by calling Deanna on 07387289109 or get in touch today!
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** NEW 1/2 Day Service for Low Energy Dogs **

We are now offering a new 1/2 day service tailored especially to low energy dogs who enjoy company and cuddles, a gentle stroll, socialisation with a small number of well chosen playmates, plus lots of 1:1 with our devoted team in our homely environment.

Drop off and collection available at an additional charge – depending on location.

  • Walk
  • £20.00

    $9 - 2:30
  • Half Day
  • £24.00

    £7:30 - 2:30
  • Puppy Half Day
  • £17.00

    £7.30 - 1:30
  • Full Day
  • £30

    £7:30 - 6
  • Puppy Full Day
  • £22

    £7:30 - 6