Home for Hounds offers a unique, complete care and grooming service for your dog

Home for Hounds is all about promoting a healthy and active pet lifestyle with a holistic approach to dog day care. We believe a happy dog is an exercised dog so provide a bespoke and affordable service that pet owners in our local community can benefit from. Dogs are sociable animals and being left home alone is often lonely and stressful for them. Our homely day care centre provides a laid back, social environment where your canine companion is treated as one of our own.

At Home for Hounds, care is tailored to each individual dog, their needs and energy levels. Our guests will enjoy many varied outings exercising with suitably chosen companions in quiet areas of our beautiful countryside on a 1:6 ratio.
Happy, tired dogs will return back to Home for Hounds in our custom,veterinary approved vehicle and play with their furry friends or rest on fluffy blankets and memory foam dog beds under the watchful eye of trained and devoted dog enthusiasts.

What We Do

We provide a wide range of services to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy

 Unique Dog Daycare

A conveniently located, crate-free ‘home’ for your companion to Walk, Rest & Play with carefully chosen pals in a social, safe and supervised environment.

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Dog Walking

After discussion with you, we will tailor your dogs outings to complement their individual needs ensuring they have a enjoyable experience with suitably chosen companions. Minimum 1 hr walk (excluding travelling time).

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Grooming Room

We go the extra mile to source only natural products for our groom room.
This way you can be sure your companion is free from chemicals or synthetics.

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Training is integral to healthy dog behaviour and development.

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  • We got our puppy Ralph back in July and knowing I was going to get back to work eventually, we needed to find somewhere we would feel comfortable leaving him for a day or so a week. I found Home for Hounds online and arranged to take Ralph in to meet them. Deanna was really quick in responding and I took him down a few days later. Straight away Ralph loved the girls there and I felt like they really loved dogs in general! I've used a few daycares with my last dog and none of them had the same welcoming feeling and care that Jo, Deanna and the girls had.
    It was nerve-racking leaving my 3 month puppy with anyone, but we did a few half days a week to start with and after a few months I increased him to full days. Being a bigger breed I was worried about too much activity too young, but I was reassured that the puppies only go out walking for a short period and I got an update mid morning for the first couple of goes which was really lovely.
    Ralph has been going every week since then and he loves it! You only have to look at the pictures posted (I get to see pics of Ralph out on walks everytime he goes) to see how much fun he is having and the exercise and dog interaction for him is amazing. He is such a lovely, calm and inquisitive dog at home now (he’s 10 months) and I put most of that down to being in daycare and having the time to play and explore that he wouldn’t have at home.
    All the girls have a lovely, friendly demeanour and we always have a nice little chat when I drop him off. I feel like they actually care about the dogs and helping them be well behaved, sociable friendly dogs. They are interested in my training with Ralph and any worries I have so that they can work on any training while he’s with them.
    Any changes have always been communicated, such as Ralph graduating up to some adult walks as he’s older and he went up with a few other puppies that are around the same age.
    I have no concerns at all about them looking after my pup as they are very transparent and tell me everything that happens - good and naughty 🙄. I highly recommend them if you don’t want your dog stuck at home on their own and especially if you want them to socialise in a safe place while they are puppies to help their development. Ralph will continue to go for as long as he can, he’s made lots of friends (human and canine) and doesn’t give me a second look when I drop him off, so that tells me everything!
    Thank you for taking such good care of my pup xx

    Christie Palfrey

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